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Garie Beach


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Hey all,

I was thinking of hitting garie beach this week

swells seem great (2-2.5ft)

weather is looking okay

but the tides are crap!!

anyone ever fished garie before? whats to expect? ive been there once to hang out

does anyone ever fish off the rocks there? dangerous?

any help is appreciated.

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very much appreciated!

however, are u sure u will get fined there if u park over 8:30pm?

cause last time i was there i had to pay $11 for the parking as it is a national park, and i thought this was all.

so theres no chance of going there before the gates close and stay till morning?

nice salmon by the way, and what is a surf popper?

the good old pillies on gangs dont work?

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I use to fish there alot a few years back so I know the place quite well. I fished the rocks to the north mostly. If your planning to fish the rocks, make sure you wear cleats or you will be in the water with the fish. It's a great spot for salmon, tailor, bream and jews.

cheers autocad

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