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Botany Bay 19/02


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The maritime authority boating report was for 20 to 25 knot N/NE winds gusting to 30 knots on a 2 to 3 meter sea so I pulled the pin on a shot down at Marley and fish Botany instead and what do I get a gentle N/W and the sea barely raised a ripple. Who ever put together the boating reports are absolute frigging drop kicks :ranting2::ranting2::ranting2::1badmood: . OK that’s my dummy spit now on with the fishing report. Not a great deal to report, Jim and I fished Molineux point where we managed to catch 1 blurter and the live baits didn’t get touched but we saw a few salmon caught on first light by some boats around us also a couple of boats were having some luck on the bream and trevally. Next up we went and fished the top end of Silver beach and Bonna point where Jim caught a 55cm lizard and a couple of throw backs and I managed a 42 cm model the highlight of the day if you can call it that was when my jig head straightened on a 90 to 95 cm flattie right next to the boat :angry::depression: . Sorry no pics forgot to charge the digi.

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