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Congrats Chef Gone Fishin 1


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Well done to all those with entries in last month. All would have been worthy winners. :thumbup:

Unfortunately my PC was in destruction mode and I was unable to vote. :1crybaby::throw:

Congrats to the Chef for taking it out. :yahoo:

I must ask though - the photo of the 2 Taylors earlier in the month - WTF??? :wacko:

Good luck to all for Novembers FOTM. :1fishing1:



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Congrats to chef on a magnificent fish :yahoo:

I would also like to add a 'commendable effort' to T'n'K on his breambo. To poll so many votes amongst a battery of incredible fish is a top effort mate!

Well done to everyone who submitted some magic fish ... bring on November :yahoo:



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