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I normally keep my boat garaged but for a few weeks I was planning to park it in the open. As a result I need something to put over it. I have used a tarp in the past for this purpose, but found them to be worse than useless. While I am aware that you can have custom made covers that do an excellent job, I'm not sure that I can justify that sort of expense for what is only likely to be a short time.

I have seen off the shelf covers at around $200 or so and was wondering whether they were any good. Has anyone had any experience with such covers and can suggest any particular ones. My boat is a 5.8 metre cuddy cabin (Allison).

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Can't help you with the covers, but for goodness sakes make sure you remove all the goodies from your boat that the undesirables of this world have no respect for, and couldn't give a rats as to how hard you worked to obtain them.

I went to mine last week and discovered that someone else had a greater need for my fuel line than they thought I did.

Parasites, they're everywhere.



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