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Little Cut Turned Bad


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hey raiders well i must be the most foolish person on this site

about a month ago i cut the last nuckle on my middle finger gust alittle nick on a sharp edge of some steel

it felt like an electrice shock not a cut and i anstantly looked for a cut 240 lead and only relised i was cut with blood flow

it healed and was all good but a little stiff untill last sat wilst on the site it sarted to burn and swell

exrays on sunday found a fb loged in the bone so off to rns on monday admitted and operated on on monday night

shit loads off antibiotics injections and anuther op on wenensday to make shore it was looking good and they stiched me up and home today

the pills i'm taking make me half cut so excuse the extra bad spelling

the moral off this story is let the hospital clean your cuts no matter how small or miner they seem

after 30 years in the trade this cut seemed minor but inreality it was a bad cut lodging a steel frgment in the bone and cutting 1 off 2 tendons

so in hindsight i should have had it looked at when it happend and isent my daughter letting me know about it now[she wonted me to have it looked at when it happened]

just thought i would share my mis adventure with you all and let it be a warning that doctors are there for a good reason and i'm not bullet proof just stupid

cherrs stupid gary

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do i want to go fishing :074: what a question ross

i've been ban from fishing till the dressing gets changed my daughter has turned into a nanny[you know the english nanny on tv ] and the antidiotics make me feel wacked out so i'll have to see how i go but monday is looking good on see breese and the sonoptic charts are also looking good for monday

yes i think monday my finger will be right :biggrin2:


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That's no bloody good Gary :( Fortunately, you can hold your :beersmile: with your other hand. Enough :beersmile: and you'll forget you even HAVE a second hand :biggrin2:

Hope it improves soon mate. Rossco's suggestion is a pearler! Have a great weekend and pass on my regards to Dylan :thumbup:



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Hey Stupid Gary...lol,

Hey remember Nurses as well! ( eh Mrs Sword!!!!!).


Panadeine Forte does make you "half cut"...lol

Hope you heal up soon.



Yes don't forget the nurses Nanook :biggrin2::thumbup: and make sure you take ALL the antibiotics!!!

Thank goodness you have fishraider to keep you amused till it heals Gary :)

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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cherrs every one just found out the dressing stays till the 17 th bugger

so no fishing for me luckly i find driving the boat and finding fish on the sounder just as much fun

no one said any thing about driving the boat :biggrin2:

so till the 17 i will be trolling lures from south head to botany[doing the driving only]

there are a few people i have in mind for the fishing dutys[as always my good mate neil] but git and la la

should be up for a trip or two :thumbup:


and ross is keen for monday but ill have to see how i go

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totally agree with you gary hope your okay now mate. little cuts can turn serious.

One late night i was really dumb and tired fishing for jewies off thel wharf.... i was playing around with my braid and i had it wrapped around my finger... (20lb).... yeah... i got a run and the braid tore through my finger at a lighting fast speed but it was only minor....

Went to work the next day (building fences) must have got some dirt in the wound.... a week went by and my finger was the size of a golf ball... I went to hospital and had some blood tests and ended up having "golden staph" and was in hospital for 2 weeks with some heavy antibiotics, risk of loosing my finger....

All good now thankfully except a nice scar. Since ive been infected with golden staph ive got to always use benadine or dettol, which i use frequently :P Bloody hooks!!!


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