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E-tec Update


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I managed to get the boat out on the water since I had my new E-TEC installed. I must say that I am very impressed. One key turn, and it started first go. No problems with idling when the motor was cold. No hint of stalling or rough idling.No smoke visible. You do smell a slight smell from the oil at times, but it is a sweet smell, nothing unpleasant. Probably due to the XD-100 oil that I was using.

Cruisng along at 4000rpm, the motor was consuming 8.5L/100km. My last 4 stoke was around the 11l/100km mark.At WOT, I was getting just under 6000 rpm, and using 18.5L/100km. Again, my last motor was in the low 20's/100km mark.I was very impressed with these figures. I managed to get around 30knots at WOT, with my last 4 stroke, I would get about 24 knots.

I was amazed at the torque. Very quick acceleration. Just open the throttle, and the way she goes! Very quiet at WOT, which I was pleasantly surprised.

I had the motor running non stop for about 5 1/2 hours, both trolling and just placing in neutral and casting. I used about 6 litres of fuel.

I am one very happy E-TEC owner. Glad that I made the switch. Even the wife was happy with the motor. Think it surprised her as well.

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