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Surface Bream Lures - Whats Good

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AMM the lures that i have had some sucess on are the following

1.East Coast,popand fizz

2.Tailormade,fizzbangers(once went 5 casts for 5 hook ups in the racks Dave w as witness.

3.small river 2 sea poppers

4. sugoi surface popper.

Cheers Mick :1fishing1:

P.S.i am a fan of black surface lures

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My two favourites,

Are the koolabung cicada fizer in the smallest size (molded on a real cicada) and the river 2 sea black buggi pop. As for colour for cicada imitations you can't go wrong with black. I find that a painstakingly slow retreive is best made up of short pulls of about an inch with plenty of pauses...don't be afraid to let it sit for 30 seconds or more after the initial cast.


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Hi fishraiders,

Has any of you used these for bream.  Just wondering what your thoughts are on surface lures.

What size/weight is good?

Does color make any difference since the lure is just a silhouette on the surface?

Does it make any difference if its a minnow or bug?

What size hook for surface lures?




Hi Mulletman

All the lures you have pictured are designed primarily for bass, not bream. That's not to say they wouldn't work, but I think a lot of those lures would be too big for our average yellowfin.

Surface poppers around 30 to 45cm's in length are the go for bream, the most popular of which has to be the River2Sea Buggi Pop. In addition to the lures mentioned here already, Taylor Made 'fizzers', Smak skywalkers and Heddons Teeny Torpedo's all work well for bream.

As a general rule, I like to use darker coloured surface lures on overcast days and more natural looking ones on bright days, but bream aren't as fussy as Bass in that regard, and will virtually have a 'schlurrp' at anything if they think it's food.


p.s. Just noticed Mick had already mentioned the Taylor Made fizzers :)

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