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Friday Night/sat Morning Efforts


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Hey Raiders,

Used some magical powers to convince my other half that i should go for late night fishin mission on Friday night/Sat morning.

Got to my fav land based spot at 2am with no bait and just 1 slice of stale bread!!!

Luckily i managed to pull up 8 yakkas with this 1 piece of bread from around the structure in 40 mins all ready to use as live bait.

I was feeling really good at this point ready to get me a big hook up.

Bonus of fishin at this time of night is very very little boat traffic no wind and not having to worry about other anglers lines being the only soul there!!

Anyway for all the sleep time missed by doing this mission i did not het a hook up.

5 of the yakkas i cast out were pecked and torn apart each within 30 mins of each of them being in the water.

I'm thinking it was Squid or maybe Tailor picking at them???

Each of them had there guts eaten from them.

Anyway i was not prepared to go home until i ran out of bait so i ended up staying at the spot till 11.30am.

I'm already planning the next mission (this time with my son coming along also because whenever he comes with my fishin we land fish large enough for the dinner plate!!)

Take care all.


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Too bad you didn't get anything for your efforts Doug.

8 yakkas on one piece of bread is good though. :1prop:

Probably were tailor that were ripping up the yakkas, they do it to me all the time and never get hooked.


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