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Got My Mojo Back


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Broke a long drought last night. So long that my mrs. was mocking my status as hunter gatherer. Hit the water with the barometer having dropped way down and with a change on the way. Tried Seaforth Bluff for nothing with some squid and hoping to raise yakkas. Nuthin doing and same story at another spot in Middle Harbour. Tried for squid along the way and finally managed a couple of yakkas after a hoard of little trevallies monstered my bait jigs for 15 minutes.

Went around to the main harbour and scoped a few spot including the big wreck near Braddley's head. Came upon the tailor busting up everywhere. This was fun for a while and managed a few jewie baits for the beach this week.

After the change had hit, i had jewgaffer's words in the back of my head. Fish deep water was the theme of one of his latest posts so that became the plan. A good one as it turned out. Had a large school of jew near the baits for three hours or so. Managed to boat 3 and had 4-5 other non hookup bites. No biggies at 55-65cm but enough to make me feel like I can catch a fish when I put my mind to it.



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Hi Andrew,

Well done matey!!!

Main Harbour is the go ATM.

Our normal jewie spots is just not happening ATM.

Mate you have inspired me to get back out there.


PS: when are we going out for that one over 10kgs???

Don't forget your old mate when you next need a deckie.

Feel free to PM me any info your willing to divulge.

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well done Andrew :thumbup:

good to see you have still got it mate...

hope that dispells all those lies yr :wife: kept saying to ya and proved you really do go fishin and not sitting in a pub somewhere :074:

im planning on hitting the sand prob tue/wed also.. tides/moon etc looking good..


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Nice work Humesy. Fantastic bag of fish. Did you pick them up on the squid or the yakkas in the end? Great effort. How long did it take you?

Picked up a nice 60cm flattie flicking SPs on Narrabeen yesterday whilst the little bloke was doing Surf Life Saving. Top fun that but not quite as good as hunting jewies.



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Nice work on the jewfish Humesy. I knew you were excited by your 10.30pm phone call and sorry if I kept on talking so long about what a top night it would have been on the jewfish not long after the southerly hit. At least you finally got the chance to tell me that you had already caught not just one but three of them. :thumbup:

Yes it's best to fish deep water once a southerly has settled in. As a southerly starts off the general bite livens up and it's a very good time to get a few different species for the table. This is particularly noticeable by the number of general bites you get when fishing landbased when a southerly change first comes in. As the southerly continues the bite goes off, the small fish go down deep and naturally just as you yourself should, the jewfish check out the deepest water as the southerly continues and they also shut down if the conditions persist. Then it's good timing to be on the water right at the time the next change starts.

If you were to keep fishing landbased off a jetty for example as the southerly change continous, you will find that your bite rate slows down to next to nothing. Your catch for the next few hours will comprize mainly of freak fish and fossicking rays etc and other non edibles that can tolerate ongoing southerly conditions in low pressure readings.

If I was to fish for jewfish in twenty feet of water for the next few hours of a southerly shut down in shallower water in say the Hacking, I would be far better off fishing the deeper waters in that system, say the twenty five metre sections. The deep water sections are where the small fish that hang around jetties and close in landbased areas would be gathering idly at a depth which suits their swim bladders. When there's low pressure followed by rising barometric pressure during a southerly change good jewfish results are very likely to happen during the early stages of that southerly.

Great you got your mojo back Andrew, good fishing mate and I think you are in for a great summer on the jewfish this year.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanks all for the replies.

This session was a great example of the MacGill theory on the effectiveness of squid. I had one livie come back with jewie teeth marks but all the action was on squid strips and heads. The squid were caught, vacuum sealed and frozen a few months ago. Might even have been one of yours wammo. I had a live yakka swimming the whole time and he rarely seemed upset. The jewies were definitely showing a preference. It does change so it is good to have a variety on hand.

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