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Central Coast Salmon


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Up at MacMasters Beach yesterday and decided to take a break from the study i'd been working on round 4 o'clock and thought I may as well wet a line. It was dead still and with the rising tide there was a massive gutter along most of the beach.

Chucked in a pillie and it was quiet for about half an hour and then it was on. Picked up five salmon all around the 2.2-2.5 kg mark for a fish curry. I'd never really targeted salmon off the beach, but they were fighting hard, hooked around a dozen, lost a couple, kept five and threw the rest back. With the water so still it was pretty good action for an hour's worth of fishing.

I reckon I 'll have to keep 'studying' up there with that sort of action...a few long fights on the lightish gear I was using. Just couldn't manage to get onto the tailor unfortunately.


Sorry about the photo, taken on my phone post-cleaning.



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well done mate - fishing off the beach is always fun - the curry was good!

Haha I wish mate. :mad3:

Probably the most disappointing thing in my life is that I can't eat fish, just doesn't do it for me no matter how hard I try...painful!

Will catch 'em til the cows come home tho..! :1fishing1:

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well done mate

what rod and reel were u using and line strength?



I can't remember the rod mate, but it was a Penn reel with a 6:1 ratio so pretty lightning. It wasn't my gear, I jut grabbed it from my mrs' garage, it was her old mans stuff. Line was either 12 or 15lb.

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