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A Couple Of Weeks In Nth Qld


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just got back from a couple of weeks fishing in north qld.

we fished a few places between port douglas and townsville both estuary and reef and had a great time.

the wind was up for most of the holiday but we were foryunate to score the last few days with light winds. this enabled us to get out to the reef and search for our number one target gt's.



the barra and fingermark were caught in the daintree river. the barra was caught on a lipless crankbait and the fingermark on a live herring. the estuary fishing was a little quiet with a long time between bites but still a great place to fish and relax.

here is my mate garth with a nice golden trev that he jiged up next to a fringing reef.


our camp was right in front of the boat just back from the beach

we spent a few days camped on one of the palm islands which was like paradise, we had our own beach and jetty to tie up to and fringing reef with live coral to snorkel in and fish around. unfortunately the wind was up a little so we stayed on the calm side of the islands to fish. the fishing was still fun though and we caught stacks of mac tuna, small gt's ang a heap of assorted cods, wrasse and trout.


the last two days of the trip saw most of the action occur with calm winds allowing us to fish some of the reefs off townsville. we got stuck into some gt's around twenty in two days ranging from 10kg to aroung 20kg we also got a couple of spanish mackeral and all on poppers and stick baits. we had an absolute ball!


this spaniard was caught on one of my home made poppers, it jumped out of the water with it in it's mouthabout sixfoot high and 15ft sideways.





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Wow, those pics just look fan bloody tastic, bet ya couldn't wait to come home from that place. NOT.

Great report, great pics and a great time had by all.


yes cant say i'm too happy to be home, being back to work and all the rest of it.

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Top report Alex It looks like you enjoyed yourself up there. I know you also get plenty of action back home in Brisbane.

I like the console boat.



PS Give me a call Alec I've lost your contact number and Barker's as well .

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nothin much to say about all that..... you filthy finks. good onya mate.

how good is catching anything on a home made let alone that beast.

good lookin boat, is it one of those legendmarine dory's with a console?

well done mate.

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