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Middle Harbour Morning Session


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Headed out at 4am this morning for MH to see if I could get me that all elusive(for me anyway, kingie virgin) MH king.

Went to get some yakkes eazy enough and DR through pretty much all the morrings in MH and a few boys and not a sound on the sounder let alone a nible on me yakka :074: . AT least Ive still got my humour :wacko:

Gave up on that idea and headed to the wedingcake.... nothing.

Is it me or where any other raiders out there and found the same.

Went home dissapointed but had a good morning on the water anyway.

Persistance and patiance I guess :thumbup:

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dont feel too dishearted. Have my first kingless outing in ages on sunday, And not from a lack of trying. We pulled live squid and Yakka around all day for not a single hit.

the calm before the storm.

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G'day guys

I also was out on sunday and found middle harbour very quite, not even a site of a king.

We had out small live squid, big squid heads, strips you name it.................nothing.

We tried 5 spots in middle harbour for the same results.

Squid were not hard to find though.


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