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Novice Would Like To Fish This Afternoon, Advice Apreciated


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Hi guys im new to this forum,

I have only been fishing a few times my girfriend actually took me fishing for the first tme and got me into it Im bored and would like to do some land based fishing this arvo just wondering if some one could recomend me somewhere to go? I live in Parramatta but am willing to travel.

We both have just some cheap rods and probably use some fresh green schoolies for bait that i brought home from work today. I read the paper today and correct me if im wrong hide is at 6.37pm would that be a good time to get out there?

any help appreciated



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G'day Mate...

If only I logged in a little earlier I woulda of been more then happy to come out for a fish with ya and hopefully give you a little help...

If you just wanna have some fun along the Parra river you can normally have some fun, just on a wharf or weir...



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