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Wellington Brown Trout

luderick -angler

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Went over the hill and hit a small river much not unlike a chalk stream high clay banks and a mixture of siltand rock bottom ideal territory!

Rigged up a weighted nymph with flashback point nymph second cast i landed a nice 4lb fish in decent nick, the pool i gotthis fish in has another 7 or so cruising it so i let them be and continued to another the nymphing wasslow so using a floating line and sinking leadr i wetlined a small bully pattern and was rewarded with numerous strikes and hook ups on maiden fish that were excitable jumping and mainly throwing the hooks oh well. Gave my new 6 weight Scierra BCS a work out so i'm chuffed considering wellingtons rivers have some of the hardest to hook and spookiest browns!

a mate hooked anlanded a cracker of a fish at 5lb that fought like a dead stick! Funny how the littlies go ballistic!

Anyhow hope the pick uploads heres the one i took home for dinner!


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i wish you were talking about wellington nsw...

sorry should have cleared it up!

Heading out today for the Mangaroa then the Wainuiomata, will post reports later today is strictly C&R that poor jack hadthe misfortune odf floating belly up as hewolfed the fly down and i cut the line ratherthan retrieve the fly it must have been deep as the fish bled on release from the gills :( The colours on this fish were magnificent on capture a real sea run!

How is the Wellington region used to head out that as thats where Dads side is from that area.

Some great rivers that way!

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