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Found Number Plate

Kiwi Dan

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Hi Raiders,

Last Friday night I found a number plate on the ramp as I was pulling my boat onto the trailer.

Plate number


Send me a PM if its yours or you know who's it may be. Ill hold it for a few days and then drop it to the RTA if nobody claims it.

Unfortunately this was all I caught on Friday.

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Do the bloke a favour Dan and if no one contacts you hand it in to the Local coppers. They will just phone the owner on the spot as opposed to the RTA who will make you fillout a multitude of forms just to hand it in and ignore the owner and later charge him for replacement!!! They won't hand back and old plate and privacy won't let them phone the owner as they can't access the phone / address database like the police can. Been there done that - guess who doesn't like the RTA?


PS good on you for picking it up as either way it will save some hassle we had a trailer number plate and rego label knocked off 3 years ago - What a pain - same scum probably does it annually and never pays for rego??.

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