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Noosa Landbased - Where Please?


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Hi all i am heading up to Noosa with the family over christmas and am really looking forward to a fish..

I am going to go on a charter for a day but i will also be looking for places to fish land based around Noosa, Sunshine Beach and Sunrise Beach.

Mostly fishing with S/Ps

Can someone please point me in the right direction.

Any info would be greatly appreciated


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I lived at Sunshine Beach for a year in c. 1984. I can't tell you how the area fishes now but I used to fish Sunshine Beach and the rocks to the north regularly for good whiting, bream, dart and tailor (I didn't really target jew then). I was an unemployed beach bum at the time, so the regular feeds of fresh fish helped me manage my budget considerably. ;) Check out Google Earth and when you get up there, check from a high vantage point to find the gutters and holes. The next beach to the north of those rocks used to be a nude beach (I can't remember it's name). It's a quiet beach and I reckon soft plastics would pull in a few bream and whiting, plus some sand flathead and probably dart.

If you feel like hiking into the national park, there are some very fishy looking spots. Hell's Gate is one such spot from memory. I remember seeing a hohoho (hmmm. doesn't like that word!... one of those non-line fishermen who points sharp things at fish and impales them) take a solid coral trout out of there. ;)

Along Main Beach at dusk and into the night is worth a flick, when it's quiet.

In the river you can get the usual southern estuary species plus dart and there is also the chance of golden trevally, jacks and even the odd barra. Upstream, you can get bass. However, as I haven't been there for so long, I can't help with landbased spots. It's probably all changed. I used to fish in Noosa Sound from vacant lots!

If you like beach fishing and have access to a 4WD, it's worth heading over to the North Shore. Even if you don't want to fish, the drive up to Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point is a great day in itself.

Good luck.


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Hi mate, i dont know the area well although i went on a holiday there for the fist time a year ago... lovely spot.. If you follow Hastings st to the end you will get to a Rock bar wall, just south of the wall there is a sandy beach (could be the one these guys are talking about).

I fished there every morning before the kids woke and landed some really nice fatties on sp's

good luck..

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