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Slim Pickings - Luderick


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I'm old enough and politically incorrect enough to say I went blackie fishing today. (o.k. the spell check has replaced the 'N' word for me) The tide was high, and I would have preferred a couple of hours this side of low, but the wind was forecast to come up, and it surely did.

Got onto the rocks at 9.45am and saw that the water was gin clear and very little wash. Undeterred, I rigged up and baited with cabbage off the rocks. Within 5 minutes, I had a few very tentative downs, and wasn't sure if it was just the below surface swirls taking the bait down. Checked to see the bait was gone. Next one, I left the float under for 3 seconds and lifted the rod for a hookup. Landed a fat male blackie, so looked forward to some fun for the next couple of hours. All of the fish I have caught in the past month have been males, with fully loaded milt. Wonder if the female fish are here yet. Anyway, next down was pretty savage and the fish didn't feel at all like a luderick. A big Rock Cale (cocky) was the culprit.

The touches were still tentative, so I went up a hook size to #6 and immediately hooked another blackfish. Next one was another cale (grrrr) and then it went quiet for an hour.

The wind was really up and spoiling the drift, so I decided to call it quits after being there for two hours. The float went down right at my feet, on the edge of the ledge, and a third blackfish soon joined its mates.

Three blackfish from 36cm to 38cm and two cale in two hours. Not bad for pretty ordinary conditions. Wish the water would dirty up a bit. Maybe some rain would help.

I was using a Sportex 662, Avon Royal reel with 10lb Raptor braid and an 8lb Vanish trace. Sorry about the poor pics. I released all the fish, as I wanted a half dozen for dinner tonight. Have to cook meatloaf instead :D



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