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It's All About Beating The Old Guys!


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So I went to Luderick 59’s local haunt today. He wanted me to join him for an early pre-high fish, however I was still dreaming of Sarah Palin at that time of the morning. Gave him a call after he returned, a few Bream were caught he mooted. Gave me the rundown on the area, and so I headed out for a few hours.

Well have you ever fished during a Tsunami?. It was like hurricane Katrina there today, that Nor Easter was blowing stronger and stronger all day. Caught a Pig about 30cm’s- gave me no trouble on 6lb line- if you can believe that?!. Nabbed a complimentary Rock Cockie, and lost 2 good sized Blackies. Then landed the big guy in the pic- he went at 48cm’s- not bad!. Conditions worsened, saw a few locals collecting weed for their local area around Gladesville. They said there was no weed down that way. Boy what a trip- all the way up to the Northern Beaches to get weed!.

Anyway.... lost about $10 worth of nice Gamakatsu hooks, due to conditions, and then hooked a massive Pig- he ran like Al –Qaeda from the US Marines, and like Osama- he eluded me, along with my best float!.

All in all a good day, sun was shining all day...got to work on the tan ( I spent the last 8 years in the frozen Arctic ), and took home a feed. Tomorrow hopefully goes better!.



P.S- Thanks Pete!.


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ahahah, i was tricked/shocked untill i read Peter's post..then i looked at the ruler! Was this pussyfooting at monavale? Sound like you had a good time! I want to try off the rocks sometime soon and have a go at a few pigs too.

Justin :1fishing1:

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