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Hat Head Jew


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Hello Everyone,

I am brand new to post on this forum, but I've been reading it for ages. My work sees me work one month, one month off. I've just finished my month off and fished Hat Head for the last week.

Off flat rock there was little surface action and a few chopper came to the party on the top of the tide. The action was all about the beach. After my mates defender got bogged with an incoming tide, five hours of digging and a whole lot of anxiety as the high tide mark was literally inches from the front end of the vehicle, it was time to set some live chopper as the tide dropped. About 10 minutes into the piece and the ratchet on the Abu 7000 screamed and didn't look like stopping in a hurry. A game of cat and mouse saw some heart in mouth runs and after a good 15-20 minutes, a nice (estimated 13kg) jew arrived at my feet. Plenty of runs, unlike Jex in the past who usually fight hard up front and then kind give up toward the end, this thing felt more like a king or even a tuna.

No more fish but a couple of more hits that smelt suspiciously of greenback tailor. This was the best day. Not a great deal happening off the head althought there was some talk of some good kings. No Bluefin yet.

Anyway I am off again on Tuesday, to return in April. I will keep my eye on the posts and look forward to getting back. I am really interested in LBG and if anyone shares this interest I would love to chat. I also am mad for Jew sessions off the beach and any boat based pelagic action.

As for pics, I still live in the stone age and the old SLR has a couple pics snapped, but another 20 or so pics to go before it's developed.

Look forward to getting involved with this site.



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