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Deschanel Is Getting Hitched


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well its finally most probably nearly surely about timely going to possibly happen.....

mr deschanel my little cuson (dom) (who was also my best man at my long lived marriage...NOTTTT lol hehe) is doing it and getting married.

i need some bucks ideas for a keen as fisho/raider.

his fiancee has left us hardly anytime to plan as i think she is just a tiny bit worried as to what his big cuz might get him up to :1prop:

need help ASAP from all

cheers damien

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Oh Dear , another good man gone .......

But seriously , why not break with tradition , and instead of getting the groom blind rottten drunk , take him fishing????

Perhaps a small , moderately sober group of FR's , chasing kings in the Harbour one Friday evening.

Just a thought ....

( I might possibly be persuaded to cook some B&E rollls to help the festivities along !!)

More luxuiriant fare by arrangement !!


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I can recall some girls come fish'n with us for tuna as aday out before her wedding that might sound funny but it was a good day spent catching fish all day scroll through Ross Hunters site from last season there might be some pictures I think.We have had some bucks before what a better way to spend as afree man than to go catch a marlin.Cheers the Emu

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:Funny-Post: congrats there to the two of you, hope it all goes well on the big day.

now :05: he will never bew allowed to go fishing again, the misses wont let him go nomore

cheers john

p.s.{ have a good day}


hahaha. thats what i said too....

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We had a fishing bucks night for my younger brother and it was fantastic! Regardless of what you decide, I hope it is a great sendoff for the groom. My bucks night(and wedding ceremony) will be conducted with fishing in mind. Something like "I do ... as soon as I land this fish" :biggrin2:



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any good charters for smaller groups anyone know of??? probably not just bottom bashing but more kingies or game like Ross said?

i know we cant advertise and stuff on here so PM me if anyone does know or has been on a good one.

we in sydney so probably harbour, the hacking or botany even up north a little.

thats unless we can convince Deschanels fiancee to let us away for a weekend???? :1prop::tease:

cheers guys


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