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Mona Vale Denizens


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Again another top day getting pre-Cancer tanning- I look like a Raccoon!.

Went to Mona Vale, and I think Luderick 59 ( Peter ), must be reading my mind, cause next thing...there he was in front of me whilst I was butchering a float of mine in the car!. Conditions were worse today, with loads of wash and even windier- but it "looked" like Drummer and Blackie heaven. Pete introduced me to Eric ( someone he looks up to, so they must be good if Pete says that). Eric is the master of that place apparently, but he wasn't getting anything yet. Pete tried to Pussyfoot in the shallows with no results, and I tried the gutters/trenches with one small Pig to show for myself. Well tried here,there, in close, out the back, cooked prawns,Cunjei, cabbage and just a Cockie or two.

Then I lost a good float to a good fish ( Pete remarked later on that he saw it go past them two on it's way to Warriwood!). Eric and Pete both managed a nice Blackie each- Pete's was probably same size as this one. Eric got a few, - a decent feed/present for the :wife: .

Well the two older "wiser" of us three left, and about 20 mins after that I hooked the guy in the photo. He pulled really hard, and I actually thought my leader was going to snap, but it made it. I had no net so did the old hoist-a-roo to get him. It went at 40cm ( I made sure this time Pete- so you don't have to verify it....LOL).

Another nice day with great company, and learning from Luderick 59.....Thanks.

I have "days off" next 2 days so will sleep and relax, then back to "work" Monday. Fishing 5 days a week is starting to become a laborious chore!...ho hum! :1prop:

Next week- Bluefish Point, The Ovens, and maybe North Head ( the place where you HAVE TO climb down the cliff on ladders and chains....arrrrrrghhhhh), but the BEST place to fish- sensational.

cheers, and have a great weekend,

Nanook ( Matt )


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Well done Matt, in trying conditions!! Eric is amazing! I tried fishing there next to him one day, but didn't like the water coming up to my knees (I'm a short ass! so backed off & pussyfooted instead!) You'll probably meet up with my brother Sails/Cam down there one day, too! (if you haven't already at Narrabeen!!)


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Hey Nanook,

well done on catching some good fish at Mona Vale in difficult weather. It is a hard school, and Eric and Pete have been studying there for a long time, so to match it with them is good going.



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