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Wanted. Squidgy Silver Fox Shads


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Hey guys if anyone has any Squidgy silver fox shads in their collection in the 125mm or 150mm size that they are not using or if anyone knows of any in the local tackle shop. I would love to get them or buy them off you.

Please pm me if you can help me out.

Cheers guys and thanks.


Hey Scott have a look on #####.com they might have em

Cheers Brewboy

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Thanks brewboy but way ahead of you.

They had some 100mm which I picked up. I would love to get some 125 or 150mms too.

They dont make them anymore :mad3:

Since when was a swear word? :banned2:

Can't advertise other websites/businesses-read the site rules

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That shouldnt be considered advertising!

Ohh really?

Admin doesn't agree with you.

The member asked to have details p.m'd to him yet people still want to push another business through the forums. :1onono:

Not going to happen. :adminpower:

Please do as the poster asked & p.m any resposes to this.


Site Admin.

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