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Kings Are Back 13 / 11 / 08


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Well after last weeks effort on the Kings it was decided to Give Botany Bay another go . Launched the boat early deployed some Blue swimmer traps and headed to the bait grounds . Managed to pick up 3 tailor on our travels . In went the livie and a slow troll around my favourite Kingfish grounds . As my mate Fish missed out last week , he was first on strike . An hour or so went past and the reel began to scream :thumbup: , almost was smoking, 30 seconds later pop ... Damm rubbed off on the bottom . :ranting2: Well that king was in excess of 20 kg ... Put another livie out for a swim 20 minutes later the reel starts to scream :thumbup: no way near the sound that was before . My mate fish did a top job on the rod and was truely rewarded with a new PB and a top king 11.5kg and 1130 mm long :yahoo: High fives all round . Headed home and found 2 nice blue swimmer crabs eating off my kingie frame from last week .

Will let the Pictures do the talking Cheers Dogtooth .... :1fishing1: John... :beersmile:


Fish with 11.5 KG king


Here the crab Pics..... :thumbup:


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