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Needing Advise For Hume Dam - Albury

kiwi waynie

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Hi Raiders,

I'm going to Albury for a birthday party, we are staying in a cabin at the dam (gee i love my wife).

We'll be there from the 21st till the 25th (guess who the extra couple of days are for, gee i love my wife).

So whats in there, where are they n how do you recon i go about it. I'll be land based unless one of the relo's takes me out in a boat.

Thanks in advance.

Lata Raiders.


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:thumbdown::1onono: Oh well i'm outa hear in a couple of hours, hope to get a good report up on my return. At least there will be one raider who will know somthing bout the place, lol (it's just dawned on me that i should have used the forum search, dumb ass). Gotta go pack the car so have a good weekend raiders, i will.

Lata Raidas.


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