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Sydney Didn't Turn It On :(


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G'day Raiders,

I've just got back to the bush after a week in Sydney Town. I fished the Harbour pretty solidly for 4 & 1/2 days and was a little bit suprised at how difficult it was to get the fish on the fang. I had a heads up and didn't take their information into account. :wacko:

Monday, after a nice round of golf at Mona Vale, was a recon run up and down the harbour looking for surface action. The heads were not happening and headed right down to Goat Island. Only saw surface action in one spot. And where was that? Right under the Harbour Bridge. I was tempted but resisted. Landed some nice bream around the Sow and headed in.

Tuesday. Same deal. Very little surface action. Headed back to my fav spot, Sow and Pigs. Turned up some more bream. Back into MH. Bantry Bay produced some great poddy mullet. Went back to Balmoral and did a drift over the sand for zip. Then soaked the livies around a deep hole near Seaforth. Still noting of any noteable size.

Wednesday teamed up with my mate Chappo. Started off the same with little surface action about the heads that would take anything. Again a quiet day. I was getting worried by now. Good old faithful spots abcdefghijk, oh and X were struggling but, got a great run of nice bream again. 8 in total so Chappo got a feed for his family and neighbours.

Thursday, out again. Got to South Head and yes, surface action. Onto a nice school of salmon mixed up with tailor and trevally of all things. Anyway our spirits were up as this was what we'd come down for. Problem was WIND :mad3: a big howling noreaster that would blow a dog off a chain. We fished as best we could but, it just wasn't happening and the water temp dopped down to 18 and looked green. :thumbdown:

Friday we teamed up with RayR and Hutcho in his boat. They came all the way from the Central Coast and what a shame. The wind came up even before we reached the spit. :1badmood: We moved all over the Harbour and MH to try and turn a reel but to no avail, except for sweep and more trevally. Not a bream to be seen, except for two keepers. One for Chappo and RayR. Hutch and Ray peeled off as condition were just horrible.

Chappo and I managed a couple of yakkas and two nice squid so we came back into MH and hid in amongst the moorings. pick pick pick, up come the squid, tattered and ripped apart. Moved over to my deep hole at Seafortha and used the wind to drift along but, still zip. Later I found out that the kings had been working right up around Mrs Macs Chair but they too were not playing the game. :05:

All up it was a great week just to be in good company and be out on the water. We did manage some fish and found a few spots that produced some surprises. They are now in the memory bank for the next trip. That's fishing though :05: and any day fishing beats a good day working.

Here a couple of pics.

See you out there in 12 months.


PS: Did anyone else have problems with sweep and trevally getting in the way?

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Disappointing you couldn't get into any kings while you were down here.

They are some good bream though, not terribly common to get a lot of keeper's like that in the main harbour.

I find that we're usually overrun with little snapper and leatherjackets rather than sweep and trevally. I don't mind the trevs, they mix it up a bit unless they are really small.

Bad luck with the weather, it just has a way of screwing up a lot of good things in life.

Hopefully you'll have some luck next time you come down :1fishing1:



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Unlucky guys the kings were not on the chew. Still some nice bream though. Hey Brian, Chappo was showing me his extra heavy duty gaff he just bought. He was keen to take it on this fishing trip, but it seems it would have been no use this time. Better luck next fishing trip.

Yeah, thanks Sketo for bringing that up AGAIN. Seems it will be another year before I can get that monkey off my back :1prop:

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