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Tv Antennas

The Iceman

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Hey guys

Is anyone a tv antenna installer?

Im after a quote to get mine fixed I reckon I need a wollongong antenna and two more points installed

Thanks Andrew

hey Andrew,

im a sparky and am quailified to install antennas. the only problem is there are companies like (im not sure if im allowed to say, if not pls pm me) Mr Antenna and a few others if you google them that buy in bulk and get it alot cheaper then i would. i actually use them to do my jobs when needed as it works out cheaper for me too.

what i would do is go to your local electrical wholesaler and get a roll or box of quad shield coaxe, they use this for pay tv etc. just ask the wholesaler and they should know what im talking about, run all your points from room to room or where ever you want an outlet back to a central location, i usually put it near the man hole which is easy to access.

depending on the number of points you put in you might need a amplifier. if only a few a splitter will do. try the hills range they are good.

when you get the atenna contractor out the price is usually only to one point which would in this case be at the man hole. they will ususally also connect the rest for you if you offer a cashy job on the spot to the contractor.

hope this all makes sense. if not pm me if you like,

cheers damien

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