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Sydney Harbour 15/11


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Took a punt last night on there being a brief weather window this morning and rigged the yak. Awoke to a still morning with light drizzel. Headed to cliefden in serach of sighted by not caught kingys. Launched into a glass off and headed around the warf looking for bait. Fist cast produced a small cuttle, second a small squid and a few casts later another squid. Also dropped one. Berlyed for yakkas but they were nowhere to be seen. After 30 mins decided to chase kings. Heaps of bait in the bay at cliefden but nothing going through it. Rigged one of the squid for slow trolling and headed around the navel base to the big can. About 100mtrs later the squid got hit. I set the hooks and line failed to peel off the reel like it was supposed to. A some what one sided fight resulted in a 40cm tailor in the boat. I headed off to some of the usual kingy haunts for no result, saw some of the best kingy looking arches I have seen on the hummingbird sadly the squid went unmolested. Headed back to the can and dropped a squid strip as well as the livey, the strip went off on the first drop, again line failed to peel as a 40cm flathead came up. Then my weather window closed as the southerly picked up and made the drift unpleasent.

Headed back towards cliefden and cast an SP deep around the bait hoping for a few more flathead. Finally pulled into the cove between the pool and the navel warf for a few last casts of the SP. I have always been optimistic that flathead will hold here but never got anything before. First cast produced a 36cm flattie that went back, followed by another oncast two and a third on cast three, plus another on the second drift. All released, as I drfited into the beach as the rain started. As I pulled the yak out a mass of bait was blown against the pool, again nothing harrassing it.


Water 20c, very clear.

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Sounds like a pretty nice day, too bad you didn't have a king trying to pull you in still got a feed and a few fish which is better than nothing.

The yaks seem to be the go at the moment-plenty of people catching fish out of them.



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Hi Dave,

Yeah i think its still hit and miss at the moment.

Big tides dont help.

Fished MH last week for one hit and miss. Felt like a school jew for the brief time it was on.

Later this week the low tide will be a go for a shot at jewies in MH.


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