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Double Kayak


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Hi All,

Looking at suggestions in regard double kayaks. Have read ideas previously posted, but most have addressed singles only.

My much better half is keen to join me but not seperately. We both wade the shallows regularly, but are limited in the areas that we want to cover. I would suggest that we will only fish in sheltered waters, which as we all know can roughen up quickly anyway, hence our selected craft would most likely work outside as well.

I am open to your thoughts and experiences, both positive and negative and ideas on different setup options. We have looked at the Hobies and whilst they look the goods, the peddle system makes them a bit beyond our price range and they don't seem to have a double paddle version.

We are both fit and healthy and are keen to get out there. We both flick soft plastics and hard bodies almost all the time and would want to carry at least 4 rods between us.

I look forward to your thoughts.



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Hard question as the outside waters bit makes a choice nearly impossible.

A double minnow allows you to move a seat forward if you are in it alone but it is a sheltered waters kayak. Sheltered waters can be rough but for 90% of your journey you can generally stick to the edges and kep safe.

For the amount you spend on sea kayaks you would get a great tinny. Sea kayaks and especially doubles are huge and hard to store and transport where as a tinny can do everything and than a bit.

If you buy the right singles she will be as fast on the water etc etc so not sure why you would want to head down the doubles path for fishing. Trecking yes and a fish at the end but not a pure fishing.

Go rent a double and a couple of singles at the spit and see what you think after having tried them and seen the format of sea kayaks and sit on tops.


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Can rent at Rose bay, spit, manly , southern syd and Narabeen. Good way to try a few different styles and see how confident you are and if you like a wet bum or want a sea kayak plastic or glass etc. Most of the shops have trial paddle days as well so that is a free way of seeing and trying several quickly on the water in one day to help narrow down your decision.

EDIT. Just read Robertas reply and she is so right about the weight , end up with heavier duty roof racks etc and they are jsut so hard to manhandle when above your head if you have a 4wd . Haven't seen a double Hobie set up for fishing on the water and couldn't imagine the arguements from only one rudder control!!!!

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Hi Sandini

Hobie do actually have a double pedal yak (?I think "Outfitter" by name?) Even more expensive tho ..... about $3000! A few buddies have them & swear by them - their other half actually have now taken up fishing too! Much better than 'paddle yaks' as the person in the back often wears the water that 'slews off' the person in the front's paddle! :1badmood: Also very important for the person in the rear to 'keep paddling in time' with the person in front, or there is an almighty clash of paddles & lots of swearing!! Could contribute to a divorce!! :(

To be honest, I reckon you'd be better to go for 2 singles unless your partner absolutely wants to go out with you every time! The doubles are heavier & a bit more difficult to get on & off your vechicle - Pel has the right idea tho - when you try the double, try it 'on your own' as well & see if you still like it & then try to put it on your vehicle! :wacko: On your own!! :tease:



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