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Jewie In Mh

Kiwi Dan

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Hello all,

Thought id chuck up a quick report to break up my working day.

Fished MH and Syd Harbor on Saturday with a couple mates. I launched early from Tunks and gathered some squid under the Spit then went back to Tunks at 5.30 to pick up my mates who were keen to catch a king. It was hard going with the rain and wind coming and going in patches but it didnt deter us. We fished about 15 differnt spots throughout MH and SH for nothing but small snapper and a bream or 2. Everyone I chatted to on the water were kingless aswell. After spot number 13 we decided to pull up a mooring on Seaforth and cook up a few snags for brekkie. Normally this always brings on the kings but today not even that worked.

The day went on and the only king report I had was from a mate who dropped a rat at the boat. I decided to fish Quakers for our last ditch effort before heading home. We sat there for about 30 minutes with a few legal snapper coming on deck and a couple just under size. It was great to have the fish flapping around the deck to boost team morale, even if they werent the target species. We had a mixture of fresh squid, fresh frozen squid and pillies out all around the boat. Once the snapper hits slowed up I gave the "5 minute" call till where off and right on queue the rod I was holding loaded up and started pulling drag, it had a little bit of weight to it and then I felt the head shakes. After a short fight I had this 69cm Jewie in the boat flapping around.


The funny thing is that I was sitting up the front of the boat and there was 1 rod left in the holder I brought along as a spare, I thought stuff it ill chuck a hook on this and a half a pillie and lob it over, I grabbed the first hook I could find in my tackle box, the hook was a slightly rusty old thing which has been in there for years. We already had 4 rods out with well presnted fresh squid strips on them but it was the humble pillie which done the damage again - go figure!!

We hung around for a little while longer before calling a day. There were also a couple guys who downrigged near us and were nice enough to give us there left over fresh and refrozen squid, unfortunately we couldnt convert that into fish but thank you all the same.

"Everyone is more then welcome to donate to the Kiwi Dan charity squid foundation" :074::074:

O well, back to work for me.


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Hey there Kiwi Dan.

The humble pillie worked for me as well 2weeks ago at the georges river.Had squid strips that did nothing so decided to put on a pillie.The only mistake I made was to put it on the rod with the weaker trace so I lost what I guess was a jew cause it was pretty agro when I brought him close to the rocks and shot off like a bullet.Well the rest is history.Hopefully I can get him again and match your good looking catch.

Cheers Clem

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Hey Dan,

Well done mate on the jewie.

Pillies - never leave home without em :1prop:

Yeah MH is still pretty average.

Looking for that window of opportunity this week morning low tide for a shot at a jewie myself.

Cheers and see ya out there.


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