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Harbour Fishing Tomorrow-is It Worth It?


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Hey All,

I'm one of those regular lookers but never really caught much worth posting.

I tried to remedy this by organising a charter reef fishing out of sydney harbour with uni mates leaving tomorrow morning. A few of us fish but most dont so a bad day could turn out a shocker!

Unfortunately the weather for tomorrow looks rough and windy :( possibly getting better in the arvo. The skipper said he is still deciding and I know he will do the safe thing but if he gives us a choice what do we do?

We dont know whether we should cancel if we can't go outside and get some good fish or still go but only fish around the harbour at the chance of having a windy rough and fishless day ( for the cost of a charter)

Be great to hear your opinions, and if we have a chance of getting any fish!



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Did you end up going mate? if so any luck with the fish?

We went out for an arvo fish, not the best decision we have made.

left around midday and came back around 430ish. left from balmain where we were picked up by the charter and potted out to the 3mile mark out from the heads. It took a while to get out and back for a fast boat, seemed like the skipper was watching the fuel dial!

As soon as we hit the heads one of the lads went green and stayed that way for the whole time but did not complain once although we could all see his pain.

The water was good with the swell no more than 2m and the wind bearable. Fishing the bottom the whole time but all we managed to pick up was 2 average flatties about 40-50 cm 2 gurnards a leather jacket and a small nannigai. :( For a charter this was pretty disappointing. We kept on getting bitten off by leather jackets which was a real pain.

Good thing we went with a bunch of people who just enjoyed getting out there, just being on the water made it for us.

we know for next time what to look out for and hopefully we can get out and catch some fish! would love to post a good report someday soon.



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