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Crabbing Sydney Harbour


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I'm reaonably new to Sydney and originally from Perth. Through summer, all down the coast from Perth to Busselton and beyond, we used to catch a great feed of blue swimmer (manna) crabs. Either scooping or with simple traps.

Are there places in Sydney Harbour people can recommend? Is there a particular time of the year? Both land based & boat recommendations would be appreciated. I imagine only spots east of the bridge would be considered safe to eat?


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I wouldn't trust them anywhere in the harbour.

yer i agree plenty of people say about the bridges but fish swim lol

sorry sand grouper cant help u although i was at mossman once and pulled up on a fishing line a few decent sized but that could well of been just chance

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I've caught a few blue swimmers in Rose Bay along the rocky eastern shore and middle harbour a few hundred metres east of the spit bridge on the southern side in water about 7 metres deep.

The Rocky shores up around Gladesville near where I grew up have muddies and blue swimmers but it's really a case of eat at your own risk.

Hope this is some help.


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About the late 70's when I was a kid my mates and I used to walk over the sand flat at the end of Bantry Bay when there was about 6 inches of water over it. We used to use a stick or piece of wire and poke the sand until we hit something, then dig like mad. We'd get dozens of blue swimmers not to mention the odd nip. It was a real laugh how we'd all jump around yelling as this thing would wave its claws at us trying to get away. :1prop: It was a real team effort to get one in the net and then get it out but, great fun.

I was there last week and could see holes in the sand but, I don't know if they are there like the y used to be.


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