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Port Stephens


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Hi All

I travelled to the port ove rhte wkend just gone to try my hand at game fishing for the first time. we went looking for some new skills and some beakies.

I must note before I get to the gruesome details that i never cease to be amazed by the help[fullness and consideration of guys on this list to each other. It is great to be part of such a friendly and open fishing forum.

I posted here to let other know I would be up there and ended up meeting TonyN.

He and Dave his mate were great company from the aircon cabin they let us cool of in to the imense help they were in putting gamefish novices to fish.

Fished Friday with no idea and did not turn a reel. conditions were horrible 2+1.5 with 25kts sloppy and fishing a cen cabin was a very wet day. Fished Saturday with their help and got big striped tuna, Yellow fin and dollys, the beakies eluded us. Weather was not much better.

Then got an invite to travel on TonyN's awesome Mad Fish 603 Signiture, what a cool boat. Sunday was far nicer conditions but the bite seemed to have moved Nth a long way. As I had to travel home Sunday fished a light day.

On the whole had an awesome time, meet some great fisho's who were so generous with their time and knowledge that I am confident that I will get my fish soon.

Then finshed the wkend with a drive home in the worst storm I have seen in years and what u definitly do not want ot happen to your tralier. So something else to safty check. The T bar weld under the winch.

probably the funniest event of the whole wkend showed how new we were to gamefishing, in Sydney we chase lots of kings, so when we radio'ed the yellow fin catch, the BIG game boats asked if there was any size to it, now for us there was we radio back 80-100.

This was followed by total radio silence....... the Holy F...... is that KG or Pounds to which we sheepishly had to reply neg neg that is centermeters, much to the merry ment of all listerner. Gamefish don't worry about how long it's all about how heavy. LOL

we I hope to head back up there in the next 2wks to see if I can get that 1st fish.




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Hiya Darryl

The trailer is about 4 yrs old. Was talking to the guys up there, as this is my 1st trailer boat and they reckon the boat is maybe 10inches 2 far back on the trailer and as a result the nose is bounceing 2 much with trailing weight.

Was very scary and a very long slow trip home.


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good report mate, and i would have been shitting it with the trailer like that.

by the look of the photo it would have been bouncing round a fair bit

you have to wedge it up against that end roller as hard as you can.

that could have been half the problem, but still a weld like that shouldnt give way.

at least you and the boat made it back in one piece. thats the main thing.

im probably going to port this weekend but it will be chockas out there with the interclub on and my 5.2 centercab will be shadowed by all the big game boats!

i would probably get run over!

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Holy F...... is that KG or Pounds



Should have just left them guessing! :risata:

Great report JJ. Bet the YFT shits all over catching a King!

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you also forgot to mention the part about social fishing hours we fish, I gave Jon and Lance on the second day a run down on when to go out, go to the cafe around 8.30am for breakfast talk shit deicde when hit the water by about 10.00am no early mornings. :thumbup: as Jon found out everyone at the PFT is pretty easy going and willing to share info and tips well worth the effort to go to if you want to get into offshore marlin fishing.

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Guest bluecod


We heard that 80 to 100 call and absolutley broke up with the centimetre response.

That, Changa relinquishing sched duties to Mad Fish [who quickly became Mad Dog] were good stuff - its a pity the fishing wasn't as hot as the week before. All in all a successful event with about $20,000 raised for charity.

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Just got back from 3 days at SWR where i took my boat for a few days before the PFT. At SWR the fishing was not real hot, pretty hard work for 5 marlin 2 wahoo some YFT and cobia in 3 days.

I also SWITCHED my first marlin SOLO. :thumbup:

Then went to port stephens, fished thursday, had a mate on the rod for every fish and we lost all 4 marlin........lol :ranting2:

friday slept in and didnt fish, saturday went out again and managed only 1.

Sunday went out again and got 2 marlin.

Left there monday, went to work for a few days and then back up to port friday just gone for interclub.

Tagged 6 marlin last weekend and still managed to shake about 8 off. :1yikes:

bit more of crew honing skills and we should manage to stay attached to more next weekend i hope :thumbup:

Great to catch up with some great people at PFT

PS. i took some river fishos out one day that i met at our units that were havin ga hard time trying to catch anything at SWR. An elderly gentleman approx 65(or more) and his son. We managed 2 marlin that day, a small cobia and a YFT.

Needless to say, when the biggest fish you catch is a bream, they were pretty happy..............not as happy as me though. ...........putting first timers onto fish is something you can just not get enough of.

pics attached.



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Sounds like a pretty fun trip.  How did you lose the four marlin?  Was it gear failure or just bad luck?


The day we lost four was......

i hate fishing Port that time of year with lures PURELY because there is so much baot around that the fish dont seem committed to the bite.

I suggested that we switchbait that day.

Others wanted to troll lures, and i was not gonna force my opinion onto others, and anyway, we were out to have fun, numbers dont matter to me.

first fish was on a lure..........we managed to shake that one off(using 24kg and staino hooks which i hate)

second fish was on a lure also, again, shook it off after a fight.

they then agreed to try switching, as we did until we located some bait.

I jigged up some bait and we started using livies.

First fish was being fought and the leader was broken after 10 mins. I have caught fish to 200kg and fought over 2hrs on same leader.

4th fish was being fough and brought boatside to tag when the fish went nuts and jumped from the boat and AWAY from angler at high speed.

With such short line and drag pushed all the way up,something has to give, and the line parted with a KAPOWW!!!!.......lol

Anyway, same angler all 4 fish, and very funny day.

end play is a very important role to either winning or losing the battle.


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