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Sydney Harbour 21st Novemebr


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Hi Raiders, i went out this am. Couldn't raise a squid anywhere so i went to my lucky spot outside and only managed 1... It was such a nice day i decided to soak some strips at Longy (bad move) i wasted all my bait on undersized snapper then the sweep moved in.

On my way back in I noticed a charter had 4 blokes on his boat an they were all hooked up to kings (no kidding) around the marker inside north head. I pulled the boat up and started tossing some lures at the marker.

There were hundreds of kings under there, they all looked quite small, they would chase the gulp all the way to the boat then shy away.

The charter was landing one after the other on stripped squid....... I cant believe i fed mine to the sweep :mad3:

There in the harbour guys........ I seen em with my own eyes!!!! and lots of em

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Great to finally hear the excitement is beginning :thumbup:

Was it the charter guys with the purple boats?



Hi Josh, actually it wasnt the purple boat guy, it was a boat i havent seen much of actually, although as i was leaving purple boat guy was heading in the same vicinity.

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