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Windy Day Out!


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Hey all,

Another day out in the Port Hacking with a nice mixed bag for dinner. Some fun fishing was had. There wasn't a high number of fish caught although those that were caught were of good quality.

Used both nippers and trolled a few lures inside for the following results. Just tryin to prove to myself that quality fish can still be caught in bad conditions. Better than sittin inside anyway. Rained on an off early and the wind would surely have being pushing through with 35kt gusts

a few smaller versions of those taken home. the take home was

39cm PB whiting :1prop: happy bout that one.

57cm flathead nice and fat and obviously hungry since i trolled it up an a 6" minnow haha

41cm tailor. nice size for the pan

and a 50cm ray

so all in all. nice result for the day

Got the pics up now




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Hey Camo,

Well done in the wind there mate.

Flattie fillets fried in a pan - perfect.

In my open tinnie the wind is tragic, can deal with a bit of rain but need a bigger boat with some protection to handle the elements.



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