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A Quick Chop Chop Of The Awoonga Barra Footage.


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Hi fellow Raiders.

What do you do when it's blowing 40kn?

Sit at home and do things that you always seem to put off.

Got home last night and pulled my finger out and did a quick chop of some of the Barra footage we caught on the last trip. Did 2 quickies just to get use to using the software again, been a while.....

going to cut one of the 20 in one day for the other dudes soon.

(Link to trip report)


There are 2 links, red shirt day and a blue shirt day.

Hope you enjoy.





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Great footage Greg. That Technicolor Yawn shad keeps accounting for a multitude of fish. Very popular on the flatties and now showcased on the Barra. Drop Bear is aparently another successful color. That particular charter operator has a brilliant rep for finding big barra ... obviously well deserved! :thumbup:

Great stuff mate. Very enjoyable viewing



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Nice footage Greg, that guy was on IFISH recently wasn't he?

What gear were you using, sounded a dream to cast.



Hi Josh

Day one I used a Shimano FireBlood 4000 loaded with 30lb braid, second day was with one of my Daiwa Certate Hyper PE 4000's. Both were on a Millerods Beast Buster Toad.

Bloody awesome outfits and have ordered similar, just longer for my snapper fishing!


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