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Best Plastics For The Jews?

Guest linton

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Hi Raiders,

I was just wandering what the best colours, sizes and Jigheads have had the most success on the Jewfish,

particularly on the Northern Beaches and rivers of NSW? Or anywhere actually. Thanks heaps!

Any help or answers would be great.


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I got one last week on a white 7 inch gulp jerk shad before sun up.

I've heard 4 inch power baits in watermelon do well as does pumkin seed colours in dirty water.

Another type I've been trying out is the 6 inch gulp grub wriggler, which looks very seductive. I've got a few nice flatties as by-catch on these as well.

That's all I got on the subject, But I'd love to hear about other peoples opinions, cause I like going for them on plastics.

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Well i've never targeted them on plastics but i know people that have and have had success in doing so.

Storm Wildeye Shads work well as do Tsunami Swim Shads, i think the vibration from the big paddle tails works well. Have heard of quite a few caught on 5 and 7inch jerk shads as well.

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yeah they are all good, also could chuck in some bid squidgy wrigglers in blodworm, or some big fish in black and gold ro gary glitter. Jig head will depend on the current and depth, you dont have to work the lure on the bottom, but definatley in the bottom couple of metres so you need enough weight to get you down...

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