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Goerges River


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Dad and I were on the water at 6.am

the new seating set-up on the boat works well

although we need to get a bit more weight up front

headed to a spot we used to fish a few months back

stood up on the new casting deck , feels great

Dad's on with his 3rd cast and lands a 43 cm flattie , good start

i'm getting lots of hits but no hook ups , oh well

Dad is catching a lot of fish today , albeit small

a baby snapper , little bream , tiny jew and the list goes on and on

after 2 hours I finally land a fish , a 20 cm flounder

dropped a few good fish today , i only managed 1 keeper and Dad 2

but was good to test the boat out on a nice day

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Well done guys the new decking looks great.

For more weight id leave the lekky batteries up front or move the front chair futher up.

we are going to play around with the outboard tilt as well

the boat takes a bit to get on the plane now

cant move the seat any more forward

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