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Rod-daiwa Sea Jigger 305 10 Footer


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G'day raiders went out bought a new rod thanx to Jizzo

and his bad influence on my fishing tackle fetish my :wife:

wants to kill you and me for our tackle behaviour all well


The new Daiwa Sea Jigger 10 foot 2 piece rod they come in three

sizes i the medium one 305 model what a rod guys extremely

light for casting lures all day of rocks or beach for sambos,taylors

jewies even kings matched it up with a 4000 sustain hectic combo'

Gave it a test run at Camp Cove last week with some poppers and

raiders very smooth casting rod indeed fellas and ladies of course :biggrin2:


Rizzo :thumbup:

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Ah Rizzo,

this is like some sort of ongoing problem with us raiders. Read a post

with any little inkling in the mind of some new bit of gear and next

thing we are looking up the specs. and wondering why we don't need one.

Just one question - roughly how much?

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i guess you wont be inviting me over 4 a bbq anytime soon ay rizzo. by the way raiders his wife loved the rod so much she took sole custody of it.

price $210 and worth every penny.

Jimbo wiv you around there's no need for a marriage counceller,

Yeah your invited Jim but only if yousupply the KAFTA and SHARAWMA

you bring i cook :tease::074::074:

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