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Whitsundays Advice


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Hi Guys!

Im just probing for any advice or thoughts on fishing the Whitsundays either in a rented tinnie or just landbased?

Im off to the Whitsundays this week for a few days in Airlie Beach. Of course Im going to be packing my rod armed with a wide range of soft plastics, metals and popers!

Unfortunately I wont be going on any guided trips, as they are just a little expensive, but I love exploring and throwing a lure around wherever I can.

So I was hoping someone may have done something similar and could throw some ideas or areas my way. (I will have a car to get around the place)

Thanks in advance!


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I have been up there twice in the past few months. Get a chart of the marine parks no fish zones from the tackle shop. I fished mainly out of Laguna (now Marina) Quays area in Repulse Bay. There are a couple of good rivers you can venture up for barra and jacks. Also have a look at Faust Dam for barra. You need to get a permit to fish there. Only a few dollars and you get it online if you want.

Not sure where to hire a tinny from up there. Good luck. It is a great place. Will be hot so keep plenty of :beersmile: handy.



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