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I would!

Tailor, salmon, bream from the north end off the point. Whiting, bream at the south end. Flatties all the way along. Chance of a jewie just north of Ocean Beach surf club 2/3 off the way up. Theres a tackle shop in Leslie Street for the essentials.



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Tackle shop often has bloodworms, They are the top bait by a long shot.


PS the Jew in My avatar came off the beach in front of the Ocean Beach Tourist park. 23 kg on bloodworm meant for a Bream.

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wow!!!! didn't even know it was a recognised fishing spot. I'll probably just take the SP gear along and see if I can entice some flattys. I just have to make sure the :wife: doesn't see the gear until I get there.

will post up a report when I get back.. cheers

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