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Nepean Bass

nick bayley

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Hit the nepean this arvo for a quick session after work. Motored straight upstream past the narrows. I took two rods today to save changing lures as often. No sooner had i stopped and dropped the lecy, down came the rain.

Not to be discouraged i tied on a popper on one rod and on the second a spinner bait. Three casts with the spinner bait and BANG I'm on. After a fight which nearly end when the fish made it to the weeds a nice bass was boated, 290mm on the lie detector :thumbup: . Couldn't take a pic cause it was pouring with rain and the only camera i had was on a loan phone from 3 so i decided not to risk it.

The rain stopped 5 minutes later and bang i'm on again, this time a 250mm model made it to the boat and i was able to take a quick picpost-6063-1227699818_thumb.jpg

Boated another 5 fish over the next hour from 150mm to 220mm until i lost the large blade off the spinnerbait :ranting2:

Tied on a baby vib and started getting hits straight away. Landed another 4 small bass on the vib and decided to call it a day.

11 fish in an arvo was my best effort in a long while...... think i might have another crack at the nepean this weekend :1fishing1:

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