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4lb Braid N Leaders


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hi all,

i bought some 4lb stern braid (white) last weekend and spooled it onto a daiwa 2000 exceler reel.

last night i was getting some gear ready for the weekend and tried tying 6lb Jap leader on which i use on my other 6lb braid.

i used a double uni knot well lubricated as i always do. each time i finished the knot and gave it its last tightening pull it snapped at the knot???? after 6 tries i gave it up till today when i will try again later.

never had this problem with 6lb. first time using 4lb and not putting too much pressure on the knot.

anyones experienced this problem or advice???

cheers damien

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I use that line on a few outfits.

How many turns each side do you use?

with 6lb leader I go for 5 turns and 10 in the braid.

With 4lb and lower I go to 7 turns 10 turns.

The usual 5 and 5 the braid seems to cut into the leader.

The extra turns in the braid seem to even out the knot to pass threw guides easier.


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Try using double the number of turns in the braid side of the knot that you use in the mono or flourocarbon leader. Many of the newer braids available are IGFA rated so they will break just under their rated breaking strain.Pulling sharply on a knot is not a good way to test its strength, lubricate the knot well with saliva and pull the knot tight making sure you apply enough pressure to the tag ends of both lines. cheers troutboy :1fishing1:

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nargse -

Reckon you have got a bad batch of braid. I have had similar probs as Stewey with two spools of Fireline crystal and went troppo tying different leader knots to fix the problem. Eventually just took a length of the braid, tied a simple overhand knot in it and pulled it tight. The line broke straight away without much pressure on it. Returned to the tackle shop for another brand.

Good luck


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Very frustrating when that happens, Damien - on my light braid, I even 'double it up' before tying the double uni as it is soooo thin compared to the thicker leader. If you are 'snapping' it to test it, the fine braid will bust, but if just testing the knots by pulling both ends firmly & it still breaks ...... I'd be tempted to take it back to where you bought it & get a refund! Some batches are 'crook' but my 3lb white stren is great (until a big flattie takes it under a lease, then all bets are of!!!)

Good luck


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i did it.

thank you all for the feed back.

i sat down this afternoon and was on a mission to get this knot right.

i did double uni knot. 10 turns on braid and 7 on leader. bang SNAP! same prob.

i went again this time slowing the process right down when tightening and watching the knots closely (bloody hard on white 4lb and 6lb leader)

i did several attempts.

i noticed that the braid did actually cut into the leader even though it was lubricated.

so i tried more spit :tease: on the next try. this did stop the cutting into the leader.

next problem i noticed was that i needed to tighten the leader knot pretty much right up before tightening the braid and sliding them together. this also needed alot of lubrication.

if i didnt tighten the leader knot pretty much right up the braid knot basically slipped straight through the leader knot on the final tighten (if that makes sense)

so my final conclusion and nearly 15 or so knots later this afternoon is that with the 4lb stern braid when attaching 4lb,6lb leader is that the leader needs atleast 5-7 turns and the braid atleast 10 turns. all needs more lubrication than using 6lb braid up and that the leader knot needs to be basically tightened right up before the braid knot.

i would still like to hear if my experiences are similar or completely different to others

cheers all


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