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Hydraulic Steering


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A mate has just put hydraulic steering on, it takes 3(360deg) full turns to go from midships to fully right or left therefore 6 full turns to go from far left to right. i think its too much wheel rotation or is this about normal?

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Which brand is it?

With the 2 major brands Seastar and Hydrive you can buy 2 different capacity helm pumps . Obviously the bigger capacity helm pump moves the ram faster and less turns lock to lock. You can get the higher capacity helm pump

The above was the expensive answer

The cheap answer is that you can change the manner in which it connects to the motor. The closer the attachment is to the pivot point on the motor means the les the ram has to move to get the motor to move a larger amount. It should be OK to move the attachment point closer to the pivot point as long as we aren't talking twin 200hp motors.

A photo of the attachment to the motor will possibly help if the above explaination doesn't make sense. Any numbers or brand names on the helm or ram as you can look up the capacity and lock to lock turns on their websites or work it out based on volume of ram and helm pump?


PS you don't want too sensitive a steering as at high speed as it will be dangerous but 3 turns is too much for my liking. It may mean that the helm and ram were not matched when purchased.

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Thanks Huey

I'm not sure of the brand of unit but it was installed at a boat shop, what would be the normal turns to have it travel from midships to left/right?

Hi Gaz, that depends on the brand-you get good or cheap hydraulic steering system. For example I run a Pro Seastar bull horn kit in my boat (about $1500) and I have less than 2 turns from centre to full lock I would guess-never tried it.

I guess, if a person that you trust installed it I would be asking this question of them. If you can grap the engine and move it by hand you will have air in the lines.



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