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Great Rain, Great Fishing

Luke K

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Hi Raiders,

Went out to Narra Lakes this morning (Kayak). I thought it would be a great opportunity after that rain we've had over the last couple of days. There is no doubt that every waterway is in need of a good flush now and then and it couldn't be better timing for Narra Lake as the entrance has begun to choke up a bit from large sand deposits. I love it when it rains. All I can think of is the nutrients, prawns and small fish getting washed down stream. Who needs Berley? :1prop:

The fishing was good. There were plenty of flathead mostly around the 35-40cm mark, although I did get one fish at 57cm. Most of the fish were caught on the old faithful silver fox.


When moving from place to place I decided to troll a popper and managed a small tailor. I don't about you but every time I go for a fish there is always something that surprises me. On this occassion it was surface action. At one point the surface busted and there were tailor everywhere. But it didn't take long for those pelicans to spoil the party. I forgot my camera so I missed out on some excellent pics.

Really enjoyed the morning,



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