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Baterry Operated Aerator


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Hey guys

I am going up to yamba in the holidays and i am hoping to get a jew and maybe an early season longtail here's hoping.

But to keep my livies alive which brand is best for a reasonable price.

I am located in Pennant Hills so a tackle store near there would be great or maybe up the coast near Yamba say Port Stephens or Coffs Harbour.



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Steve as Nanook said just about every tackle shop has them.

You can get them for $10-$20 most have 2 speeds and just take one of the rectangular batteries, they aren't the greatest quality but better than not having one at all. Make sure you keep changing the water in your bucket.

You can get a better quality one for about $70-$80 which would do the job more efficiently but up to you what you want to spend.

Good luck up there.



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Guest Aussie007

i have one from a close camping,outdoors,fishing shop takes two D size batteries it runs for ever! i can even remove one of the batteries and it happly pumps away all night and day make sure u soak the air stone in water over night its the same as aquariums as others have said any tackle shop has them

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