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Cuda 168 Fish Finder - Do You See Arches Or Fish Icons?


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Hi guys

I have an Eagle Cuda 168 fitted inside the hull, in the front of my Hobie kayak, I have the transducer facing towards the front of the yak with the base of it siliconed to the floor.

In Simulator mode, my Cuda 168 shows arches, not fish icons, so figured I should be able to get it to show them too. However, I can't seem to get the 'arches', only the 'fish shape' ones. The destructions say to turn off "Fish ID" and the arches should show instead. They don't! Nothing shows (other than depth & sea bottom)!

In 'Troubleshooting' it says that if there are no arches when the FIsh ID is turned off to:

1) make sure the transducer is pointing straight down This is the most common problem if a partial arch is displayed.

2) The sensitivity may not be high enough.

3) Use the Zoom feature.

4) the Yak/boat must be moving at a slow trolling speed to see fish arches. If motionless, fish stay in the cone, showing on the screen as straight horizontal lines!

Anyone else see arches on their Cuda 168??



Ooooops .... Just read the 'installation guide for Thru Hull Location ....... it says:

The transducer should be installed with its face pointing straight down, if possible!!!

Having bought mine secondhand, I only printed off the manual recently! Didn't read it - just printed it! :wacko:

Having read further, tho, on Page 14 it shows a Thru Hull with the transducer laying flat, like mine! Stuffed if I know! :tease:

Hmmmmm - I can see the error of my ways in that I was reading 'transducer face' as being the bit at the end, not the underside?? The underside appears to be the bit that sends out the signal - not the end facing the water?

If So mine is actually positioned correctly, but still not showing arches! :mad3::ranting2: I've played around with the zoom & sensitivity to no avail either! Looks like I'll have to put up with those damn fish (or leave the fish turned off they annoy me!)

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Thanks for that IM - will check it out again when in deeper water - I usually fish in 5m or shallower in Wallis Lake, but there are some deeper channels I go thru to get from A to B.

Definitely wasn't believing the 'fish' symbols!!


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Hi Roberta,

Get a hold of Rick Huckstep's book on sounders. It's cheap and simple and really helpful. I've watched the DVD too and it's brilliant but the book is really worth hanging onto. It has nothing to do with your sounder in particular but is full of info applicable to getting the best out of any sounders.

Cheers, Slinky

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