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Botany Bay 3-12-08


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Hi everyone,

My mate Bill and I fished the bay yesterday, we didn't get out till late due to

other commitments. We ventured outside the bay 1st and saw heaps of

mutton birds swooping and diving, so we followed them around for a bit and

and caught ourselves a substantial amount of 65cm+ Sambos, these things

sure put up a great aerial display once hooked and pull hard at that size.

They were feasting on tons of slimeys out there. We kept three Sambos and

released the rest. We had a short try for a fish at the Wedding cake Island, but

we were swamped by sweep sweep and more sweep so we gave that up in

a hurry. Back to the bay we went and settled in a nice sheltered spot over

near Kurnell, and in the next couple of hours we boated 18 Trevs 36-41cm,

and 4 Bream to 30-36cm. We had 3 big runs, 2 to Bill and 1 to me, Bill got

busted off once and the hook pulled on the other, both of these fish ran straight

for our anchor rope and that's where they were lost. Mine run took off like a steam

train for the anchor rope also (smart fish), I jumped up on the bow of the boat

rod in one hand, and as I was preparing to take my rod under the rope and free

my line, disaster struck, :05: I slipped and my feet went up into the air and my

back slammed down on the boats windscreen breaking it and bending the

alloy frame around it. I lay there with one arm up in the air and rod still in hand,

and that's when my line went pop. All I have now is bruises and scratches to show

for it :1badmood:

Anyway that was our day on the bay.


There were plenty of these around


Our take home


A couple of Sambos


My landing spot


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Good session John, marred unfortunately by the fall and the boat damage to the Riviera would be quite a costly monetory penalty for an otherwise good day on the water. Thank heavens your back's ok mate.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

Hi Byron, we were fishing out of a Quintrex Coastrunner, if I had been on the Rivi I

would have bounced off.


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That's one action packed day penguin.

A 65cm sambo is great fun on light gear. And don't trevs give value for money, especially the 40cm+ ones!

Sorry to hear about the windscreen. Hope you didn't hurt your back.

What do you think busted you off? Kings?

Nice report.



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Hey Penguin,

sorry to hear you had a fall in your own boat.

I hope your back is OK - the boat can be fixed but the financial ouch is never as bad as a physical long-term ouch.

You normally get good numbers of decent bream. I see the bream count was down, even though the fish are a good size. I too have been down on the bream numbers. I think they are spawning and that they are not feeding much at the moment. What do you think?

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sorry to hear about your boat mate.

would have been good to know what was that busted you off,more then likely kings,esp the size of them .

atleast you took home a good feed.we hit the harbour and caught around 15 rat kings on soft plastics

Hi John,

I heard you got a heap of baby Kings,


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Well done on some nice fish and a bit of fun. Bad luck on the windscreen though... But its all part of fishing, you win some and you loose some. Sounds like you may have bumped into some kings, better luck next trip.

Also, the harbour is firing up nicely for kings, i think the penguin prawn needs a workout :1prop:


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hehe possibly,bill told his cousin that you guys caught a 1.2 metre dolly on a live sambo and a 11o kilo blue fin tuna, he also said that u were fighting it for 3 hrs hehehe

Dont know where that came from, I think sum1 has been pulling your leg, :074:


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Hi Penguin,

Sounds like an eventful day on the water.

Plenty of fish, big bust offs and a busted boat.

Glad you didnt hurt yourself, seems to be a few incidents reported lately in fishing circles of accidents.

:05: this time of the year.

Glad that you prioritized and held onto your rod above all else.

I once fell through a rotten deck and managed to hang onto my bourbon even though i almost broke my leg :1prop:


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