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Leader Length


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I like to run around 7 to 8 feet of fluorocarbon leader on my lighter set-ups

3 , 4 and 6 pound

i use 5 pound leader on the 3 and 4

and 7 on the 6

using this version of the Albright knot


how's about you blokes ?

on my heavier outfit I run 25 pound leader off 20 pound line

but a shorter leader of only about 4 or 5 feet

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Hi Rob

I was trying something this week with short leaders while snappering. I use to use full rod lengths but had issues.

Problem was I hate the sound the knot makes on the way threw the guides, the knot running threw them MUST reduce casting distance and the knot must be checked threw out the day from wear and tear......

To solve these issuse I have started to use 4ft leaders so the knot stays outside of the guides. No cast offs, no noise and used the same leader the whole day!

I use 8ft rods so 4ft of leader hanging off the end on the cast is fine. Gives a longer cast than short hanging bit anyways and no noticable lack of bites either.

I have been using a slim beauty as the connection knot.

On my lighter bream riggs I use to run a full rod length, just long enough to keep the leader knot above the casting finger. I did this thinking the bream could see the bright coloured lines used, I still think it helps in clear or shallow water.

Most times my leaders are the same strength rating as my main line or maybe just the next strength up unless game fishing.


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G'day Rob,

I just stick with leaders that are as long as possible without the knot ending up on the spool when casting. I haven't tried the shorter leaders but the leader knot going thru the guides must reduce casting distance. I think maybe it also contributes to line management problems, particularly in light line classes... but not nearly as much as having the knot on the spool when casting. I keep an eye on leader knots thru a days fishing because whacking thru the guides does cause them to wear.

I vary my leader breaking strain to suit the conditions and fish... on braid from 4-10 lb I'll use anything from 2lb to 20lb leader. On 20lb braid anything from 10lb - 40lb. Makes knot tying fun tho... can't just use the same knot tied the same way for everything. Most of the time I'm like Greg and start with a leader close to the same breaking strain as my braid.

Cheers, Slinky

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The length of my leaders will generally depend on the area I am fishing.

As a general rule I like to use a leader that is approx. the length of my rod. Most of my rods are 7'and 6'7.

If fishing Racks, I will bring the leader down to about 3'.

If chasing Bream on the surface I will leave a nice 7' leader or so, but If chasing whiting on the surface I will bring it down to about 3'.

Clear Flats, I will go longer on the leader 8 - 10', when dirty I will go back to around 7'.

Deepwater, I find a rod length to be fine.

Heavy structure with poorer water clarity you can afford to shorten the leader up.

This is mainly for my breaming etc,

With chasing Natives, I will generally use a similar style of leader length depending on the terrain.

For breaming etc, I willl generally use 2 - 8lb mainline and 4-10lb leader.

For natives on baitcasters I will use from 10 - 20lb mainline and 12 - 30lb leader.

For my leader knot I like to use the improved albright. Although when tying the much heavier lines the knots can become rather tricky


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