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Crabbing In Portstephens


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Hi Everyone,

I might be heading up to portstephens for the christmas holidays and i was wondering if anyone has done any crabbing up there? if so, what works best, pot or witches hat, what do you get up there, is it permitted and does anyone have any general spots? Nothing specific but just general areas will certainly help out.

Thanks heaps.


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How are ya mate,

I was up at port stephens last year, I was getting blue swimmers everyday using crab pods with half a mullet in them as bait which you can get from the local tackle shop.

as for locations I was getting them just about anywhere in the bay.

my best results were along here,


I hope this helps. Good Luck.

Cheers, :beersmile:

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Thanks heaps Rob.

Ive never really gone crabbing before. so thats heaps of info. i just got excited when i went fishing the other night and a crab was stupid enough to keep holding onto my bait while i was retrieving. when he let go, he was on land.

Just a quick one, what sort of pots were you guys using. there are so many out different models out there that it makes it confusing.

i was thinking of getting a few witches hats and just laying them 10 metres apart over a patch.

Thanks Heaps


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no probs mate,

As far as the pods go they are rectangular shape (collapsable), I actually bought mine up there in the local tackle shop for $10 or $15, i'm not quite sure if they have a certain name.

Just make sure you write your boat rego on the bouy otherwise maratime will pull your traps out of the water.

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