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Tailor, Kings, Flathead And Flounder


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Started off trolling for tailor (and maybe a kingie or salmon) down the coast close to the cliffs. Over a couple of hours I managed five tailor and one small rat king. My mate Syd got zero. I felt sorry for him (actually I just got sick of his complaining), so I gave him my "lucky" lure. It works, but he drops the tailor at the boat. :074:



I think something had a go at this kingy when it was younger


The tailor disappeared so we stopped and caught some yakkas. Put one out under a float and also fished the bottom for a while. Something took Syd’s line down to the bottom and wouldn’t let go. He eventually got the rig back with a straightened hook, minus the fish, (whatever it was). He also caught a strange little goldie/yellow fish that I’d never seen before. (see my post in the Aquarium section)


Time passed slowly and I was pulling up the first flattie of the day when I noticed some kings following it. That’s when the excitement started. The flattie got off and a king jumped on the light paternoster rig a metre below the surface. It went screaming off. Syd drops a jig over the side only to have my kingy wrap around his line a few times. While this is happening, the float with the livie disappears. Anyone watching probably would have thought they were watching the two of the three stooges. Anyway, we only managed to boat one more rat king, but we had great fun for about 15 minutes.

Things went quiet again, so we tried a few drifts for some flatties and picked up a shovel nose, one flounder and seven flatties. A good end to the day.


The best part was reminding Syd that I had out-fished him again. However, he was the one who caught the nice flounder. Mrs “Pick-A-Box” Syd was very happy about that.


The final tally - me - all the tailor and five flatties - Syd the rest


A top day.



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........ Anyone watching probably would have thought they were watching the two of the three stooges......

A top day.



Well done as usual Pete and Sid :thumbup: I don't know about Sid as one of three stooges, the only real idiot was Mo and he had more hair than the Beatles :lol:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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